Sketching astronomical objects

This site is dedicated to my astronomical drawings. Sketching deep-sky objects helps to improve observing skills.
Over time - my technique should become better...

Last update: Saturday, November 22, 2014

We optimized the maps for use with an 8x50 finding scope. Here you can read why we did so. Please visit the Review of all 9m0 maps page for more information about the rev and new labels.

Some useful resources are: a legend for the 9m0 star maps (including circle templates for finder scopes),  a guide on how to print the maps and a constellation list with their highest altitudes for best observation time of the year.

Use the 6m5 star atlas if you need overview charts for the maps. Clear skies!

Andromeda rev Circinus Lacerta new Pisces Austrinus
Antlia Columba Leo rev Puppis rev
Apus Coma Berenices rev Leo Minor rev Pyxis
Aquarius new Corona Australis Lepus rev Reticulum
Aquila rev Corona Borealis new Libra new Sagitta new
Ara Corvus rev Lupus Sagittarius new
Aries new Crater rev Lynx rev Scorpius new
Auriga rev Crux Lyra new Sculptor
Bootes rev Cygnus rev Mensa Scutum new
Caelum Delphinus new Microscopium Serpens new
Camelopardalis new Dorado Monoceros rev Sextans rev
Cancer rev Draco new Musca Taurus new
Canes Venatici rev Equuleus new Norma Telescopium
Canis Major rev Eridanus new Octans Triangulum new
Canis Minor rev Fornax Ophiuchus new Triangulum Australe
Capricornus new Gemini rev Orion rev Tucana
Carina Grus Pavo Ursa Major new
Cassiopeia rev Hercules new Pegasus new Ursa Minor new
Centaurus Horologium Perseus new Vela
Cepheus new Hydra rev Phoenix Virgo rev
Cetus new Hydrus Pictor Volans
Chameleon Indus Pisces new Vulpecula new



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