Sketching astronomical objects

This site is dedicated to my astronomical drawings. Sketching deep-sky objects helps to improve observing skills.
Over time - my technique should become better...

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Proud to announce that we reviewed all 9m0 maps :) Today, we uploaded the last missing constellation of the northern sky!

We also added some detailed supplemental maps to the Taurus (M45 detail) and the Virgo (Virgo cluster) constellations.


Sunday, October 26 2014

I'm beginning to get older and suddenly I noticed that it is harder to read object labels on the map at night. Besides that, I received some feedback about smaller issues with objects missing in the object lists of some of the maps.

That is why I thought it would be a good idea to review all the maps. In the mean time I got a helping hand from Dennis. We hope to release a full 9m atlas for the northern sky before Christmas 2014.

The main changes in the new maps are:

  • Bigger fonts for better readability
  • Removed some duplicates from the database
  • Added missing objects in the object lists
  • We put all all under a Creative Commons License
  • New cover sheet with credits to the data sources for the maps

Maps will be uploaded as they become available. On the download page reviewed maps receive a rev label and completely new maps are recognizable as such by the word new.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

The last set of constellations for the northern sky were reviewed and uploaded:

Constellation German English
Monoceros v 1.01 -
Ophiuchus / Serpens v 1.01 -
Orion v 1.03  -
Pegasus  v 1.01   -
Perseus  v 1.01   -
Pisces  v 1.01   -
Puppis  v 1.01   -
Sagitta  v 1.01   -
Sagittarius  v 1.01  -
Scorpius  v 1.01  -
Scutum  v 1.01  -
Sextans  v 1.01  -
Taurus  v 1.01  -
Triangulum  v 1.01  -
Ursa Major  v 1.01  -
Ursa Minor  v 1.01  -
Virgo  v 1.01  -
Vulpecula  v 1.01  -

The free 6m5 Star atlas can be downloaded - just klick 6m5 atlas in menu on the left.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today I reviewed and uploaded another 11 maps in the German version of the 6m5 Star atlas:

Map German English
Equuleus v 1.01 -
Gemini v 1.01 -
Hercules v 1.01  -
Hydra  v 1.01   -
Lacerta  v 1.01   -
Leo  v 1.01   -
Leo Minor  v 1.01   -
Lepus  v 1.01   -
Libra  v 1.01  -
Lynx  v 1.01  -
Lyra  v 1.01  -

Monday, June 11, 2012

Now all constellations of the northern sky are done. I am reviewing all maps once again in order to correct small errors and minor layout issues.
Today I reviewed and uploaded 8 maps in the German version of the 6m5 Star atlas:

Map German English
Coma Berenices v 1.01 -
Corona Borealis v 1.01 -
Crater v 1.01  -
Corvus  v 1.01   -
Canes Venatici  v 1.01   -
Cygnus  v 1.01   -
Delphinus  v 1.01   -
Draco  v 1.01   -


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