Sketching astronomical objects

This site is dedicated to my astronomical drawings. Sketching deep-sky objects helps to improve observing skills.
Over time - my technique should become better...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Finally the wetter and my work allowed me to sketch again. I took the opportunity to test some new star maps and to hunt galaxies in the Canes Venatici constellation.


I started with M94, a pretty bright and easy to see galaxy. It appeared as a round and almost stellar object.

Galaxy hunting - M94



Another bright galaxy with an almost stellar central region.

Galaxy hunting - M106


NGC4490 und NGC4485

A beautiful duo observed under good conditions...

Galaxy hunting - NGC4490 und NGC4485


NGC4631 und NGC4656: "Die Heringsgalaxie"

NGC4631 is also known as the "Whale galaxy" or Caldwell 32. Bright and with a clear fish-shaped structure. NGC4656 is much fainter. A beautiful star chain can be observed between both objects.

Galaxy hunting - NGC4631 and NGC4656


Fujtor - The Astrodwarf



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